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The ardor of the odor of yourself outside yourself! It's like a love potion.

Energy never dies.

For as long as you have a physical body, the unique collection of energy that is "YOU" is determinedly drawn to itself in the custom form of you.

ALL OF YOU; United.

When you store your spirit outside of yourself, it will petition you for re-entry from the outside, like a ruthless ghost.

Literally a ruthless ghost.

External factors kick up in your environment to chase you home. Yes even Earth-environment stuff like wildfires, floods, etc etc. The people problems too!

Oh the perfect circumstances to defy your survival habit that kept you playing hard at what you are not!

Internal factors whirlpool pain to create a vacuum draw to bring you home.

You see people walk --RUN!-- into a shark-infested surf, coated in fish guts for a soul-inspiring lap of survival swim.

Whip up THE WORST most complicated webs of drama and effort and strife.