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Support Trauma


I just can't even with intuitive people marketing themselves, offering or insinuating that they have more access to other people's spiritual information than the people they serve do!

YO. No one has more access to your information than you do.

It can be a total game changer to have someone help you access your own information. Or to just listen to you without agenda. Or to reflect and share their experience of you so you can calibrate that feedback into your mind and nervous system and expand your capacity to be YOURSELF.

THE THING IS: the people who can really help you will not pick up your power when you try to give it to them.

And they won't try to give you direction or teach you something if you aren’t explicitly asking for that in a way that feels congruent to them.

And let me be frank: you may want nothing more than for someone to pick up your power, and tell you what you should do with it. Or maybe even for them to pick up your power and THEY do something with it.

This is something to acknowledge and witness, not to be wielded for self-judgement & shame; and it’s certainly not something to be poked at to compel you to work with someone.

*What it means when you give your power away* …Is that you don't trust yourself with your power...

BECAUSE you have given it to untrustworthy people...

…and then came to the conclusion that you don't get to have help and other people are not trustworthy; or perhaps you assume are not worthy of support.

You are not alone in any of that thinking, brother/sister/unicorn.

It makes total sense, and most of us had to navigate survival by giving our power to untrustworthy people.

However please know that any solution for support that is buying into this horse shit that there is anything outside of you as an answer, will blessedly result in the kind of folly and crisis that created your support trauma in the first place.

I say "blessed" because it is actually a protection from you giving your power away.

THIS IS WHY so many of us have support trauma, and find ourselves locked into our patterns, feeling lonely, helpless and utterly fucked.

We are terrified to get support. And that makes a ton of sense.

It doesn't mean you have to, or should go it alone. It is possible to overcome this, if you truly desire to have the kind of support in your life that will change everything.

The way to GET IT. The real support you need:

1. Give yourself permission to need it and want it

2. Get clear about how you give your power away.

3. Get clear about what you actually might do with your power, when you keep it.

4. Get clear about what kind of work would bridge the gap between #2 & #3

5. Find someone who can help you with that work & will not take your power, even if you try to give it to them.

6. Enroll that person with clear agreements into a support role in your life.

This is what a coach is really supposed to be, you guys: Someone who hands your power back to you over and over. Someone who will not get enrolled in your bullshit, speaks the truth of your impact on them and loves you no matter what.

I have created a method for steps 2, 3 & 4 that creates unstoppable clarity in order to identify and enroll the right person to help you.

It's called Clarity Journey. 3 ceremonies to create unstoppable clarity.

I facilitate this 1:1, and soon in a group.

The first one is called Witness Ceremony which gets you clear on how you give your power away.

It's free. The replay's awesome. My collaborator in this project Amy Harris is someone who has such an aversion to picking up anyone else's power, she is on the short list of people I will ask to read my energy and give me advice. (Which makes her a great coach)

I'm so proud to share her with you through this amazing tool.

Together we have a vast network of true coach colleagues to refer you to when you get to steps 5&6.

Here's the opt-in for Witness Ceremony. You'll get the replay emailed to you when you register.

It includes aftercare & access to myself & Amy to assist you with integration & next steps.

If you’ve ever felt scared to seek the help you need, try this, it will help make you impervious to well-meaning and violating support offers that utilize your pain points for sales and leave you spinning with the same problems.

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