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Support Trauma


I just can't even with intuitive people marketing themselves, offering or insinuating that they have more access to other people's spiritual information than the people they serve do!

YO. No one has more access to your information than you do.

It can be a total game changer to have someone help you access your own information. Or to just listen to you without agenda. Or to reflect and share their experience of you so you can calibrate that feedback into your mind and nervous system and expand your capacity to be YOURSELF.

THE THING IS: the people who can really help you will not pick up your power when you try to give it to them.

And they won't try to give you direction or teach you something if you aren’t explicitly asking for that in a way that feels congruent to them.

And let me be frank: you may want nothing more than for someone to pick up your power, and tell you what you should do with it. Or maybe even for them to pick up your power and THEY do something with it.

This is something to acknowledge and witness, not to be wielded for self-judgement & shame; and it’s certainly not something to be poked at to compel you to work with someone.