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Thank you, Men

Male coaches have provided the masculine anchor I didn’t know I had in the past 5 years as I have been walking through initiatory fires to trust myself with all of the transformational gifts and wildness I AM.

I didn’t know exactly that’s what I was doing when I was blessed to work with Gary Mahler.

I had a feeling though… that working with Gary might draw through my power in a way that would blow up my relationship with my daughter’s father.

I became purposefully pregnant shortly into my 8month project with Gary & sho-nuff… three months into my pregnancy I was moving away from her dad and into that Sonoma County wildfire that so mysteriously burned the strangest things (and strangely too, not others) in town in 2017.

For the record, my daughter’s father is the one who gifted me the fee to work with Gary.

What a courageous gift from him, I can now say.

I am humble gratitude and appreciation for him to give me that money and then see my nervous system propel me away.

It was scary for us both.

Gary was all the way up in Canada, and he was an iron rod for keeping me connected with this Earth, & for me being present with Reality…

…that I

—not only birthed my daughter in the midst of literally flaming portals of becoming—

but I also birthed the truest expression of my service, a transformational crucible I call Becoming the Gift You ARE.

By the time I started working with David Schwendiman two years later, I KNEW that my ask was literally if he would be the man in my life.

I asked if he would hold that space for me, even be dominant with me if he felt that was in service to me.

Dave agreed, and said “hey, what do you want to create? If you want to create a man to take care of you, we absolutely can do that and that’s okay”

I can’t tell you how deeply loved I felt for him to offer that to me.

The permission to desire that was exactly what I needed to embark on an inquiry of what life is asking of me in service to the generosity of my spirit, and the unquenchable hunger of my heart and womb —to receive the masculine and catalyze unfathomable beauty and wonder into this hungry world.

With Gary I received the invitation to create from Mystery.

With David I received the invitation to become unfuckwithable and unoffendable.

On both accounts I have succeeded.

I see the beauty, I see the strength-training these men have provided for me to now embark on the era of my navigation to embody what is true feminine leadership.

It’s not lipstick on leadership as I’ve known it through masculine templates.

It’s a whole new relationship to the unfoldment and allowing that I AM.

I am in devotion to the men who have made my ability to thrive possible from a very wounded feminine lineage.

I include my father & grandfathers among these men. And my daughter’s father. My brothers too.

I am the healing my grandmothers prayed for.

Thank you, thank you ❤️‍🔥

Feminine leadership is a leaning back kind of way that lets my energy go first, seeded by the great Father himself.

The great mother weaving me, dancing me, whispering to me that engaged softening is a thing.

Probably leadership isn’t even the word… some other archetype is sprouting.

Part of this calling for me is to tend graduating containers of connection that can lead organically to the precise depths an individual may explore to reveal their highest trajectory of becoming with support and sovereignty.

The word I have for the first step into this kind of space is “field”.

Step into the field I am curating. Get your bearings, look at your hands, take a deep breath and then see what you do from there.

I share the precious connections that support me with so much integrity. I share my connection.

Maybe the new word for feminine leadership is FIELDSHIP


THE CONTINUUM is the playground I've created to cultivate fieldship through my network of truly great Wayshowers. Every month I pay one of the people who has personally helped me professionally to create a unique offering for our community.

February's Wayshower is White Wolf Purnananda, who channeled a powerful teaching about the completion of our collective ancestral healing in Ceremony of the Soul's Evolution on February 24th. Live zoom gatherings and replays are available to our members.

You may check out the conversation White Wolf and I had about Ceremony of the Soul's Evolution and Conscious Kambo here:

David Schwendiman's Wayshower offering is going to be a solution session with a couple of hot seats available to have Dave's superpower focus to solve any problem. Seriously, he's AMAZING at this. If you have an impossible problem to solve or something you'd like to create, I dare you to bring it to Dave -haha!

I haven't decided if he will be Mr April, or Mr May in THE CONTINUUM... as this space is an experiment and I'm allowing full-on flow and permission. I'll let you know when I know!

I'm thinking I may be Ms March.... as I have a passion for acknowledging and harnessing the raw power of this month of the Spring Equinox. I feel this may be the moment to facilitate the Quantum Timeline Repair I've been dreaming of sharing.

To join THE CONTINUUM, go to,


Saeri Wilde

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