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Thank you, Men

Male coaches have provided the masculine anchor I didn’t know I had in the past 5 years as I have been walking through initiatory fires to trust myself with all of the transformational gifts and wildness I AM.

I didn’t know exactly that’s what I was doing when I was blessed to work with Gary Mahler.

I had a feeling though… that working with Gary might draw through my power in a way that would blow up my relationship with my daughter’s father.

I became purposefully pregnant shortly into my 8month project with Gary & sho-nuff… three months into my pregnancy I was moving away from her dad and into that Sonoma County wildfire that so mysteriously burned the strangest things (and strangely too, not others) in town in 2017.

For the record, my daughter’s father is the one who gifted me the fee to work with Gary.

What a courageous gift from him, I can now say.

I am humble gratitude and appreciation for him to give me that money and then see my nervous system propel me away.

It was scary for us both.