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The CONTINUUM Course Corrections

Doing something in a truly new way feels so bizarre, you guys!

Yesterday I accepted an invitation to a lightworker FB group... after reading about 5 or 6 different posts, I left because... bless them! I can't stomach all the bypass and cheerleading to just be love and light!

What I see is that trying to get rid of something, ignoring it, making it wrong or radically replacing it [to get rid of it], is usually just signing you up for another round of the same old shit... shape-shifted to look different.

It's utter mind-fockery that engages a personal growth frenzied dilemma I call "the Hamsterwheel to Hell"

BECAUSE: these parts we fantasize being free of are actually the parts carrying the keys to our freedom. You simply cannot discard the keys to your freedom, because they are YOU.

Anyway... I've been navigating differently in my commitment to bring the work forward that I've discovered and developed over the last 10years.

Honestly, some days I want to vomit on my keyboard when I learn of another course-correction, another unexpected curve and another unbeaten path for me to clear (or an old path to leave behind).

What I am recognizing with my sound-boarding peeps is that the essence of what I'm sharing is something so new, truly a paradigm shift. I am devoted to honoring the essence of this work by being able to communicate about it precicley.

I put out all of these open-house calls to lock me into working out the logistics this month. That was really cute of past me --Oy three weeks ago SAERI! Steady girl!

I did give myself permission to be vague for the last two weeks... and I HAVE! haha

yay me! success haha!

Thank you to those of you who showed up last week to connect and invite me to share what I know about all of this. Overall, what was most precious to me was connecting with each of you.

Now that I'm in the vicinity of the kind of structure that will allow this knowledge to best serve to guide us into a successful paradigm shift... I think I need a week to sit with it and tune it up before inviting you-all to come and connect with me in that space.

The heart of what I'm creating is a spacious supportive container to reveal sovereign unstoppable clarity.

I'll talk more about what that is in the coming days and weeks, I promise.

Thank you for tuning in! If you have any questions, concerns or feedback for me, my door and heart are open.

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