The Problem w/ My Agenda

I have an agenda.

I have so many desires; the greatest among them is to share my desires with other people, and see who wants to create with me...

and then to see what we create.

Kinda ultimate is to play creation games by making agreements with collaborators.

We join our gifts to build our projects until...

they fill the containers that we made for them with our congruent word until...

they spill over their nursery walls to reveal something we hadn't even dared to desire...

--but once it's been discovered,

it's somehow exactly what we've always wanted.

I recently had a relational breakthrough. It came from a practice I enjoy to ask someone to share with me what they *really* think and feel about me and what I'm doing.

It's a certain phase of an investigation for me [I'm a 5/1 profile in HDS]... it's usually initiated when I feel hot-on-the-trail of creating something I feel passionately compelled to bring forth,

and then I notice a pattern that [on the surface] seems to have an unfavorable outcome.

Yeah, that gets my attention.

I feel like a dragon sleeping on my gold... and then I catch the waft of a twerpy little open ego [HDS reference] knight stepping stupidly into my lair through a drafty entrance.

Who dare disturb this divine dream unfolding?!

Who has the gall to interrupt the exquisite circuits running through me when I sleep on gold?!

Who approaches me in my sanctuary bearing armor and weapons?!

Wow would I like to go way too far with that metaphor! haha!

Anyway, do you know the feedback I got when I asked for the total unvarnished truth?

"Your energy is so clean and good that I don't trust myself to say no to you"

What a juicy problem I have!

I think the solution is to make it harder for people to say yes to me, so that they trust themselves to say no.

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