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THE WILDERNESS In my work as a guide for initiatory fires and creative crucibles that transform clients into purer expressions of themselves...

I have observed that there is always a time when help and influence from another can become a hinderance...

--and even a violation-- to the process unfurling.

I've been with clients ON FIRE, slaying, mounting or becoming dragons courageously with the distinct determination of soul-purpose... ...and then we get into this zone that's... hmmm... It's like it's stirring up inflammation rather than revealing it and addressing it.

And that's when it's time for The Wilderness: A time when I step back, we intend to not communicate at all, and they put on their backpack of tools we created together to set out, and navigate with only their own authority and no immediate safety net, though I am still with them connected in spirit, holding vigil for their journey.

Then the most AMAZING BREAKTHROUGHS ensue for the ones who wholeheartedly endeavor to trust themselves.

For those who don't, usually breakdowns occur followed by blaming me for everything that ever hurt or felt scary in their lives.

If one can consciously enter a Wilderness period, often the thoughts and desires that make one feel like quitting can open up into the true transformation that was originally desired.

I've come to identify my own annual Wilderness period. I begin to descend into the fertile wood of my fiery heart from October 9th, my design date... and by Thanksgiving until my birthday, I'm deep IN IT [whether I like it or not].

When I have tried to start things in this time, major pickles develop and dare me to spin off into flurries of fear and sadness.

I did try to start things last year in The Wilderness last year, even knowing better. Predictably the shenanigans have risen….

But still the fertile and transformational yield is showing to be fruitful in my gritty perseverance of my purest expression of self.

My sense is that with the Rave New Year on Sunday, the ripening of what I've been dreaming up will be completing to yield clarity for forward motion.

I would like to share with you what's brewing for me for your own recognition of your process, and to invite you to brew with me in preparation to play together, if you feel resonance for what I'm creating.

What's on the canvas already coming into focus for the next 9-10 months of Saeri-momentum?

  • A Wizard Cohort of 8 peeps to bring forth a gift as a service (and maybe co-create a retreat/event for next year )

  • Moving exclusively from my Wizard Artist heart-body-soul

  • Reduced investments to work with me (last year I navigated fees being guided up up up... that was fun, now easing them down feels right!)

  • New extra respectful, empowering ways of working with all Human Design aura types and especially manifestors.

  • Diving into Internal Family Systems with my new beloved therapist.

  • Working with some Wizard colleagues for my own continued nourishment & expansion.

  • Sewing my own cute comfy sexy granny panties

  • A spacious gentle sturdy 3month container to journey through Witness Ceremony (identify, integrate & move through your primary problematic pattern)

  • Singing more

  • Making and gifting sacred medicinal relics commissioned by Spirit

  • Answering the call to train to facilitate sacred tea ceremonies with Grandmother Aya.

  • Performing poems and expressions of LOVE

  • Trusting everyone to get what they need no matter what I do or don't do

  • Sacred time for myself, my daughter, my boyfriend & his son & their dog (Ursa), my garden, our bunnies (Jelly, Boots & Coots).

  • Local collaborations for my community with A Mother's Village & making my gifts available to create stronger thriving local connections to support my family & other families.

  • resume my offerings in breath, yoga & movement practices

...And then from Thanksgiving 2023 to Jan 4th 2024, I plan on, for the first time, going ALL IN on my Wilderness.

Just me in the fertile dark of winter with my heart, my home and my chosen family. If you sense you might want to play with me this year, I have a live community call I'm holding this Thursday 12pm PST. My current little tribe that was with me through my last wilderness tell me that they enjoy these calls the most!

I'm also gifting 1:1 calls with me to support you on your current navigation, to reflect, witness, dream or just commune and connect.

I'm letting go of so much and freeing up my spirit to create in a way that really works for freaky me and blesses anyone who desires to play in my field to lean into their own wizardy.

There are a spectrum of ways to play, depending on your nervous system, finances, bandwidth and desire.

I am also open to considering your ideas and invitations… so overall please know I WELCOME YOUR BOLDNESS to dare to dream with me.

If you'd like to take me up on these open invitations in the coming weeks, please let me know in comments or reach out privately. I have some handy little calendly links to make booking easy for us both.

More details shall come into focus to share soon, and for now I’m stirring and spicing the marinade.

Do you have some sugar, salt or herbs to mix in?

Would you like to rendezvous with me in the shared reality that we are creators, Life/God/Universe is in our favor and we are love & loved beyond measure?

Please say so and we'll take it from there BIG LOVE, Saeri photo cred to my beloved Max Kaufman

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