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THE WILDERNESS In my work as a guide for initiatory fires and creative crucibles that transform clients into purer expressions of themselves...

I have observed that there is always a time when help and influence from another can become a hinderance...

--and even a violation-- to the process unfurling.

I've been with clients ON FIRE, slaying, mounting or becoming dragons courageously with the distinct determination of soul-purpose... ...and then we get into this zone that's... hmmm... It's like it's stirring up inflammation rather than revealing it and addressing it.

And that's when it's time for The Wilderness: A time when I step back, we intend to not communicate at all, and they put on their backpack of tools we created together to set out, and navigate with only their own authority and no immediate safety net, though I am still with them connected in spirit, holding vigil for their journey.

Then the most AMAZING BREAKTHROUGHS ensue for the ones who wholeheartedly endeavor to trust themselves.

For those who don't, usually breakdowns occur followed by blaming me for everything that ever hurt or felt scary in their lives.

If one can consciously enter a Wilderness period, often the thoughts and desires that make one feel like quitting can open up into the true transformation that was originally desired.

I've come to identify my own annual Wilderness period. I begin to descend into the fertile wood of my fiery heart from October 9th, my design date... and by Thanksgiving until my birthday, I'm deep IN IT [whether I like it or not].

When I have tried to start things in this time, major pickles develop and dare me to spin off into flurries of fear and sadness.

I did try to start things last year in The Wilderness last year, even knowing better. Predictably the shenanigans have risen….