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One of the key differences between what I thought my Human Design chart was, and what it IS, is that I don't have the channel of Initiation... which is an individual channel (on the tribal energy center, the Ego/Heart).

Quick overview of circuitry...

The groupings of three different kinds of channels; [two gates make up a channel and that is what creates definition between two centers]. Each kind of circuitry has an essential gift for the betterment and evolution of humanity:

COLLECTIVE CHANNELS: All about sharing information that pertains to large numbers. Logic and patterns. Government organizations are collective. Not so much about money, and it's not personal.

TRIBAL CHANNELS: Think family & small towns. Villages. They're all about securing the resources, food, money, territory... making deals & support. The tribe has the money. It's very personal.

INDIVIDUAL CHANNELS: Highly creative & therefore mutative. Has a melancholy phase in the creative cycle. Individuals bring the changes needed for the Tribe & Collective to survive, but the Tribe & Collective aren't inclined to see it that way... they tend to be suspicious of the individual until their benefit can be properly justified & explained in the interest of the tribe & collective.

With my chart it's kinda like God decided to have a bit of fun. I'm on the cross of Individualism --so all the gates in my cross are individual (those gates make up approximately 70% of the influence of your chart)... yet I have only two channels:

1) a collective abstract pattern channel [64-47] --an emotional mind and 2) a tribal transformational one [32-54] --rising up in the tribe

…The third channel that I thought I had [25-51] is an individual channel, the only not tribal channel on the tribal center of the Ego/Heart center.

My deep investigation into the channel that I do not have, as it turns out, does make sense because the 51 is in my incarnation cross, making the 25 a very powerful conditioning gate for me. Meaning my design is always looking for that 25 to complete the channel... and many many beings in my life have the 25, either hanging and looking for my 51, or they have the whole channel and I can rest into the compromise with them to experience the whole channel for myself.

But here's the funny thing I've been able to see through the lens of these three channels, even though I only have two of them:

Each one is kinda slipping in a twist on its resident circuitry. A trojan horse in a sense.

Emotionality into the collective [64-47] Tribal into the mutative individual, & vice-versa [25-51] Transformation into the Tribal [32-54]

And now that I know I don't have the channel of Initiation --just the initial SHOCK-- of mutation [51], not the soft landing place of completion that is the 25 [love of all things]...

The channel of Transformation [32-54] has been revealed as the driving force in the process of my life and work.

PROCESS. It's all about the process for me. I have been developing processes that bridge the gap between who clients WERE to who they really ARE.

The outcomes, the purpose, is revealed through proper process, but getting overly focused on results meddles with the process and skews the results; Distorts the purpose.

Transformation is all about recognizing potential. To know a viable seed from a pebble. It's a talent scout for the Cinderellas of the world, from scullery maid to belle-of-the-ball and beloved queen of the land. That's transformation.

It's an awful lot like mutation --it brings the kind of change that changes everything forever. My sense of mutation is that it's a little less predictable through, it's more random and isolated, until it's not. But transformation? That's alchemy, divine chemistry, quantum physics, it operates by a more observable process over time given the practice and the discipline is carried out.

If we can just continue to observe, tell the tribal stories and remember what is possible and necessary: we set ourselves up for the greater expression to emerge.

For the tribe to thrive, the potential of the individuals must be recognized and nurtured. Cinderellas can become queens, and we would be wise to welcome such seeming anomalies into our midst for the fresh air that comes with them; for the possibilities that become probabilities when we invest in the process of tribal transformation.

The demonstration of what is possible tribally through our history supports each person, and therefore the whole family, village, country & world!

But here's the thing: if you stop partway through a transformation process, your wings aren't fully baked and nothing "works". The process can be perceived as a lie and an atrocity.

We need tribe for successful transformation, chanting and encouraging the individuals to keep going, telling the stories of past successful transformation, of the people who wanted to give up and were turned to goo and they STAYED WITH THE PROCESS and came out the other side butterflies, or queens, great leaders, gurus, artists, medicine people, wizards, mothers, fathers & shamans.

From angels to humans and humans to angels.

There are the spaces that are with the alchemist 1:1, private spaces, but the group is so important too. Having peers traveling alongside you in their own process, having elders who have traversed similar territory and can assure the safety of some aspects, and caution about the pitfalls.

The stories we make and tell and share.

We need one another. We need to learn how to relate to one another as individuals in tribal alchemical spaces... and this is why I've been driven -annoyingly DRIVEN haha-- to create group spaces to integrate the deep work I facilitate 1:1. You can also enter into the group and attune to the frequency that primes you for your process to begin in your own time and pace... maybe a bit more accelerated and graceful than you could have just on your own or with one other helper.

The tribe creates coattails for you to ride, creates the momentum that can carry you through the goo phases, the fires, the doubt and forgetting. In the higher expressions of tribe, you don't have to give up who you are to access the supportive coattails of the tribe... but you will need the ability to get along.

The fire I've been in for the last year has been burning off the individuals who gum up the works, abort mission mid-goo, cement their ideas of things in such ways that create dangerous drag on the precious momentum of the fulfillment of potential for the groups of people who gather with me.

It's been painful and hard on my heart, which is far more sensitive than I'd given it credit, thinking I was defined there. The process has been out of my hands and unrelenting. Discovering the truth about my Human Design was the gateway that delivered me into this field as an individual & group guide for individual, tribal, and collective transformation.

I've been made a safe place for my fractal family to come in closer and add their energy to this process, fire up the crucible and accelerate into the portal of embodied expression of who we really are.

When you journey with me and you're ready, you may take up your place in this tribe. I desire for "graduates" to stay and serve others, be recognized here as Wayshowers, because I understand how this benefits us all and I want the people who invest in the process to transform to stick around and receive the tribal benefits.

Imagine: a whole tribe of people perfecting the process of transformation into highest expression and support!

For the last decade I've been flooded with visions of counsels, rites of passage, retreats, properties, communities, temples. In the private chambers where I guide people in the most intimate parts of their self-discovery, these visions of harmonious alchemical tribal life are echoed in uncountable variations and beauty:

Everyone wants family, friends, great food, harmony with the land, cooperation as a foundation to support our creations whether that is music, art or a fantastic celebration... with respect for who they are, their potential, their process and whatever unseen variations of wonder may yield with such allowance and support.

There's no one who doesn't really want this in the core of their soul. Any part that would disagree is simply, and understandably, scared that all of them may not be welcome. But that's why we need transformation too. We need the processes that compost our issues into healthy tissues and ability to bond with others. Un-alchemized fear is violence, separation... is a stick in the spokes of the tribal and collective wheel that moves ALL of us forward.

No soul left behind.

The people who gather with me are catalysts. Here to tip the scales and create collective coattails of alignment for the whole world and beyond.

They're ready to alchemize their fear. They're ready to trust the process. They're ready for support.

They're ready to admit that what they are here to express is vital to their dreams for themselves to blossom, but that it goes way WAAAAAY beyond them.

They may not be living and believing all of this yet, but they are ready to live it and believe it; they are open to the possibility.

What I know, what I see and the stories I am telling:

WE ARE the answered prayers of our ancestors, both past, present and future.

******************** two ways to come play in group spaces with me:

My membership THE CONTINUUM --I serve 2x/mo live on zoom, archives and more!

Free Human Design meetups in Arcata CA --There's one today, Sept 3rd when I'm posting this!

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