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Truth Warriors

I am a Truth Warrior.

If you are a Truth-lover, a warrior who walks with a broken-open heart, one who can be with your Truth and my Truth and the places they share, the spaces between... read on.

If you are throwing up in your mouth, you are free to go

Each one of us is a GIFT.

You are a Gift to yourself, and a Gift to behold.

When you be YOU, you fan the flames of others to be who they are inside of them.

Some folks just aren't there yet where they see the gift you unlock inside of them and will do all manner of unloving terrible things to stop you to stop themselves from grieving the long labor they have been in to birth their own beauty.

To whatever degree you continue to seek and tolerate bad treatment, you are looking in the mirror at your own places that are not receptive to you living as a Gift.

YOU are allowed to have space and people to support you to rehab, to heal, remember, nurture, practice and serve as YOU.

If you want that, it exists.

BOOM: you create. Look at you go!

One such space you created just by reading this is called Becoming the Gift You ARE, a monthly membership space in Innerglowing Quantum Academy.

We are not joking about quantum. We are literally merging the timelines aligning with our highest selves to experience Heaven on Earth. The Golden Age is upon our awareness, ripe for the awakening.

When personal and human possibility become probability.

As each emissary in our Innerglowing Constellation awakens and comes up to speed with who they are; as they step into service as the Gift they are...

...their lineages are born making way for wave after wave of humans to become the embodment of Spirit we crave more than anything.

Do you suspect we could fly? Live much longer, if not forever? How about remember who we really are? Heal for our ancestors? Communicate over distances without words? Do you know we are all angels?

Is any of that ringing Truth in your body [while maybe your mind has a temper tantrum pointing fingers, shouting FRAUD!]?

Feeling tingles?

PM me and share your freaky truth with me. Would you like to? I would LOVE it!

I love you


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