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In this reality, nearly everyone contends with a survival pattern that obstructs manifestation of their TRUE SELVES.

The variations are diverse, but the origin & function are the same:

1. A danger in early life inspires a survival solution & IT WORKS.

2. A split occurs in Earth Self: "Essence" & "Pattern." Pattern safeguards Essence but stymies its growth. All other patterns spring forth from this original one. Subsequent patterns loop you back into the original one, but solving them only addresses tangential issues.

3. As your body [soul vessel] develops, experiences meant to nurture Essence's growth are hijacked by Pattern, nurturing itself instead.

4. Pattern, supremely adaptable, cycles hardship & success, ultimately preserving Pattern while imprisoning Essence.

5. When Essence is needed for genuine growth & purpose, Pattern whisks you back to familiar [SAFE] territory.

6. You might take bold steps to change Pattern or seek numbing agents & mistakenly think Pattern is gone.

7. Pattern IS NOT GONE; it stealthily slips out of your awareness, preserving itself to preserve YOU [it thinks].

8. This cycle persists until an intervention, often a crisis, alters your orientation to Life—often involving DEATH or near-death.

9. Sometimes the more resilient a person's body, the more time & intensity it may take for an effective intervention to "get through"

. Paradoxically, when you find a guide capable of shining the light of awareness on Pattern that would re-integrate it & allow your destiny to unfold without interference... you can also be the farthest away from bridging that gap.

When you're THAT close, Pattern can be squirrely & very creative!

The more work you've done to grow yourself & aid others, the more Pattern knows how to look like the real thing.

By all reasonable standards, you should be an ascended master by now!

But, you still encounter a glass ceiling to true progress.

Probably onlookers couldn't even imagine you struggle.

It defies logic—unless you grasp how Pattern persists by: 1) temporarily disappearing when it senses any threat to you or IT 2) adapting quietly in the shadows 3) reappearing in a fresh guise just when you think you've healed it...

It's easy to see Pattern as a villain, but that would be a grave mistake!



Please do not think you can diffuse Pattern just with understanding... that would be the pattern at work, AGAIN.

You can't just SEE it, it is fundamentally designed to not be seen by you. It will let you see *just* enough for you to be convinced that you have got it's number, and therefore know how to destroy or bypass it.

I know you’re brilliant and knowledgeable, but your pattern is equally so.

The best thing to do is to train your senses on the desire to be be whole, to be authentically expressed, and then TRUST where that earnest inquiry leads you, or what it leads TO YOU.

I'll be sharing more about how I work with it and what it takes to be successful in coming posts.

If you're feeling IN YOUR BONES I *may* be your guide, you can book a free Encounter with me to explore if we'd like to talk more about working together,

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