When ya have big energy & impact in this culture, there is this insidious programming to make every second an investment of one kind or another.

This could be said of everyone, whether they are packing high voltage or not… but I’ve seen the bizarre dilemma of these energy titans being that they can actually “keep up”.

They can burn on for long lifetimes of break-back no-break living, when most others would have tapped out (or dropped dead).

They are impressive to themselves and others. They can do and handle A LOT.

They pull through the craziest , seemingly like magicians and appear to come out on top smelling like roses!

Or maybe it seems like hardship just doesn’t really phase them, even though you know it must!

This makes them getting in touch with their REAL limits/edges/boundaries EVEN-MORE-RARE than the rare occasion that they can’t handle themselves, or pull something seemingly-impossible off.

Why exactly would they explore the nuances of the integrity of their energy system, unless Life forced their hand?

Even when they spend decades on personal growth, they may come nowhere close to cracking their own nut! Anyone would say they have done enough that they are ascended masters by now!

I mean, Life may try to force their hand, but with the kind of power they ARE… they really must CONSENT to and willingly PERSUE self mastery with a determined GRIT —likely against the many others who might think they have already achieved it!

Oh but let me tell you! Even embarking on that path of self-mastery, when no one would say you need to…

…is an unimaginable blessing to anyone even remotely near them.

Okay, it’s planet-wide and beyond.

I really mean it!

I am privileged to be a guide for a few of these people.

I’m not one of them, but through supporting them, somehow I feel the few hours I put in on my limited energy budget, account for a quantum sum far beyond my individual ability.

One such person is the expansive, impressive and exciting: Nova Om

Over the last 3months, seeing this woman grow is like watching a tree sprout and grow an exponentially larger tree…

WAIT … so that first TREE was a SEED?

And then it happens again!

Y’all, I see no evidence that this will ever end. Best come witness her now while you can still fathom her.

I’m hosting Nova on Friday to share her Ceremony Report, from Clarity Journey with me.

Sincerely, this is a cosmic event that will be felt through the multiverse.

You’ll find a front row seat to offer the blessed amplification of your witness when you register for the zoom call HERE

She’s pictured here with the energy titan I birthed and am raising to be herself. Oh this life and what I get to see! It’s becoming the sweetest dream!

Nova is a Human Design Manifestor btw, and my daughter is a generator. They’re both energy aura types

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