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You know those memories that pop into your awareness over decades like reruns of an old TV show?

Some come up so many times in your healing journey that there's a kinda eye-roll... "this one AGAIN?", others feel like old friends or watching a sweet sad movie or horror film.

The decisions we've made that we doubt & regret, are survival strategies created from this baggage.

Prepare to do lots of self-forgiveness work! You did the best you could at the time, and it all delivered you HERE NOW.

"On the journey to becoming the me I am destined to be, if it could have happened any other way, IT WOULD HAVE" -Matt Kahn

Memories I've worked with in the last 2 weeks:

  • my traumatic birth in the late '70s

  • the night my grandmother killed herself (yes you may be able to actually remember past life & ancestral memories if you need to, you may not though)

  • feeling in over my head in a supervisor position in my 20s

  • the time I lost a dollar when I was 5 & my mom told me to apologize to God

The cost of keeping those memories packed away for me have been feeling needy, frozen, helpless, scared & alone... the beliefs attached to them: "It's never enough" - "I'm too much" - "you get what you get & if you loose it you're bad"

You can imagine how this may have effected my ability to show up as me, express and serve, as I am called.

These memories keep our energy from us, because we don't feel safe to have access to it. In my case, when it came to money there was a 5yo on my advisory counsel who was always beating herself up for letting God down & praying for a second chance 😳

Clients have uncovered energy syphons of overdoing, magical thinking, addictions, buying courses they never even start, & procrastinating on their guidance while asking for a sign.

Charged memories, as well as sensations in the body, are like a GPS calling us to parts of us that are trapped in time, and therefore keep our personal power from us.

It's fragmentation. The stuff that soul-retrievals are for.

If all cylinders of your soul-thrust were firing... what would YOU be doing differently?

"When I allow my depth, there is an evil gauntlet of choice I get caught in, until I have no choice but to burst with love and become nothing" -Witness Ceremony Client (shared with permission)

In Witness Ceremony™, each client creates a Witness Statement that uniquely identifies the root survival pattern that syphons their energy before returning them to themselves.

Quality supported aftercare and integration of this statement is THE KEY to unlocking the potential you've always sensed and didn't know quite how to access...

Openings available NOW for Witness Ceremony: Identify the root of your problematic pattern that persists, seemingly no matter what you do......and actually complete that bull honkey!

We'll love it into completion, btw xoxoxo...

...and that allows some levity

that we can both giggle about how silly it is,

and appreciate it for taking care of us all these years.

Witness Ceremony is 1:1 work with me and group work with other courageous ones navigating freeing themselves from the past.

(the group work is the secret sauce to the most effective aftercare and integration).

Book a FREE playdate call with me below to make a plan to complete the memories that keep you from your power *


* If I don't think this is the best course of action for you right now,

I'll come up with a recommendation and referral if appropriate and desired.

*No one turned away for lack of funds

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