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You Must be This Tall to Enter

I’ve been undergoing a rapid relational maturing for the last 4 years since I had my daughter.

For all the inner work I’d done, it was shocking to me to discover how far I had yet to go when it came to my capacity to:

first discern who I let in my space… and second, how I would be with my experience of myself with those people.

Previously my discernment was based solely on preference I would gauge by either a great experience I had of someone…

…or a vision I had of who they might be with me.

Encountering a strong soul connection would waterfall me into living situations, businesses, jobs, projects, friendships and romance.

My experience of myself with others was greatly influenced by mostly my mental assumption of their projection of their experience of *me*.

I would shrink, bend, expand and stand in whatever way seemed to best support my vision of a person, and my vision of myself with them.