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Saeri Wilde

Saeri Wilde is a powerhouse of personal insight, growth and transformation.  Formally trained in Human Design, Forrest Yoga, Reiki & Clairvoyance, she has a unique ability to see below the surface, to see beneath the mask most of us put on to hide who we are, to feel safe, to stay small. 


Not for the faint of heart, working with Saeri strips away everything not authentically you in order that you may step into a way of being, a life more full of magic, love and success than you thought was possible.  

She then masterfully listens to guide you to integrate what you received in your work with her to take your next practical steps in alignment with and on the trajectory of your highest!



Check out these tools from Saeri Wilde: A guided tutorial to clear your head & an origin story for how we got to where we are as humanity.

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