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Saeri Wilde

Hey there, Saeri here!

I guide conscious catalysts to go from looping in ancestral patterning, to activating their WIZARDRY in an epic ripple of joyful service.


I believe we are already in Heaven, on Earth, and some of us are here to steward that awareness with grace for a full-planet awakening that is nigh!


There's a soul group of peeps, that I call fractal fam... or The Constellation, who agreed to rendezvous in this lifetime to support one another to heal, remember and prepare the collective to ignite the momentum that comes with every single human being aware of who we really are.



Homo Angelicus.


Eternal Consciousness squirreling around in the limitations of form & forgetting to see what we can cook up "blindfolded with one hand behind our backs" 😜


I've been in professional practice as a Wizard-Angel in disguise as a life coach for 7.5 years. 


Starting in 2008 I've trained and practiced as a clairvoyant, Forrest Yoga Teacher, Pre-and-postnatal yoga teacher, Reiki Attunement, Birth Doula, Quantum Birth Doula, Human Design, plant medicine, ceremony... as well as been coached and mentored by some the greats on this sweet Earth [and BEYOND wink wink)!


Clarity Journey is a process, that all of my 1:1 clients journey through that takes you from who you WERE... to who you ARE with aftercare and integration support that tips the scales for your graceful unstoppable clarity to dawn, and reveal your most aligned next step on your divine trajectory of living.  

Success! It's what I'm here for with my fractal fam!  Heaven on Earth or bust! and we shall not bust.

If it is for you to work with me and/or play in my field as part of my fractal family... you'll likely know it in your bones. Hello to THAT, and hello to that you don't have to know how, but you can book a Free Encounter  with me to find out!  


Catalysts have a very specific frequency that is a yummy relief when among one another, and that can be quite grating to those who are not attuned to this path and purpose. 


If you're more of a wandering dabbler and you'd like to see what this corner of the universe is about, you're welcome as long as you are aware that you may feel confronted by what you encounter here, and you may not be able to stay a dabbler forever.  

I share all of my spontaneous transmissions, mini-journeys, Human Design Experiments, years of archives & community playdates in my membership portal, The Continuum.... which now has an open source option for you to make your energetic exchange in a gift, higher or lower dollar amount or a commitment to gift your service to others.

I will also be hosting gatherings, classes and journeys locally in Northern California.

More info about THE CONTINUUM HERE.  

In my personal life, I'm a mama, an artist, a farmer, foodie & hot spring enthusiast.  I reside in Humboldt County California, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Redwoods.  Sometimes the wizards who work deeply with me 1:1 come out here to visit and work our magic together in-aura.

Thank you for being here, please let me know how I may be of service to your living excellence!

Saeri Wilde

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