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Mountainous Region

March '22 Wayshower Archive
Saeri Wilde

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Saeri's Recognition... of Saeri haha!

Hey there, it's me here, recognizing m'self because I'm the Wayshower this month.  

You can check out my Bio, written by my friend, coach & a Wayshower of THE CONTINUUM, David Schwendiman,  for a proper recognition, bc honestly... for all I know about myself, I don't have a lot of access to seeing myself without the other...

Which is why I am so passionate about this community I have been called to create since 2016: I am who I am because of the skilled professionals I call my guides and friends, and I want to share them with you!


With the yummy initiating power of Wayshower, Nova Om, this space is finally manifesting!

I am here to assist people on my fractal to come up to speed with who they are so they may step into the fullness of their role in this great unfoldment taking place.

Mountainous Region


Quantum Timeline Repair

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Quantum Timeline Repair Ceremony 

W/ Saeri Wilde


I have discovered that we can visit ourselves as angels to our past-selves, with support and change everything in the whole timeline.  The sensations of resolve ripple to our present-day selves.

We are in a time of timelines collapsing and merging toward our highest trajectory of human collective experience.  It is facilitated by individuals healing their past and those healings ripple out to their entire ancestry.

The day I created this, March 25th, is the day I birthed my daughter, so it is a big day for me, as I have some harrowing memories I'll be clearing along with you.

What to expect:

  • 90min zoom call

  • Opportunity to share a one word intention

  • Saeri will guide a journey to identify the memory you are going to work with and then she'll guide you through the process.

  • Opportunity to share your experience & ask questions

  • Saeri will complete the container and offer aftercare suggestions

What you'll need:

  • Privacy

  • Writing implement

  • Water

  • Tissues

  • Maybe something to smudge if you dig that kind of thing

Mountainous Region

Quantum Timeline Repair replay lives inside  THE CONTINUUM where we share our Wayshower Archives, Integration labs & virtual Campfires in a warm culture of belonging.

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