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Tropical Leaves

A la Carte Services
w/ Saeri Wilde


These services are all 1hour for $250.  A la Carte services are outside of a container with me.


My intention is to offer gentle, autonomous & practical support with this format.


You may receive up to three of these services at this price before we discuss a deeper project.  

This is a way to embark on getting to know each other better that may lead to deeper work.

When you purchase one of these services you'll also receive a 1 year membership to THE CONTINUUM


To book, email me  or contact me on FB which service you would like & I'll send you a calendar link and payment method.  

*If you are looking to have guidance or coaching on a deep project in your life, see Deep Coaching Consultation at the bottom of this menu.

Human Design Chart Reading

I'll go over the basics of your chart: Type, Strategy & Authority & Profile

Human Design Conversation

You have some context for your design, maybe you are a beginner or even a seasoned practitioner.  Together we will reflect on an aspect of your life that you would like some clarity around.

Human Design HELP with a Kid

We'll look at your chart and the child's chart and you will walk away from this session with some practical solutions to live with more GRACE in your family.


Yummy Restorative Trance

I'll take you on a guided journey to ease your mind and run restorative and nourishing energy through your body.  Results range from pain disappearing or lessening, improved sleep, greater sense of peace & clarity, "ah-ha's"


Reiki Healing

Reiki is a universal healing energy that goes where you need it and invite it (consciously and unconsciously).  It's astonishingly effective over distance.  Most people slip into a deep trance, or even sleep.  If you like I can report what I'm seeing as it's running through me to you.

Flight 101 aka Claim Your Pain

This is a very practical process I intuitively guide you through with your explicit consent to discover how you create the pain in your body.  When you see that you're doing it, you will see how to do something else.  It's flight 101 because levitation is a result of absolute awareness and mastery of sensation in the body.  It takes maybe lifetimes of practice, but in this life, a little application of this wisdom puts the power of your life back in your own hands.

Deep Coaching Consultation

Schedule this if you are interested in exploring having my support and guidance to navigate a big project in your life -like a massive shift in being, transformation, life transition or embarking on a soul-desire creation.  I require clients go through Clarity Journey with me before I propose a deep coaching project.  We'll talk about what that entails and what your best next step may be beyond our call.  

If you enroll in Clarity Journey, I'll deduct your consultation fee.

Tropical Leaves

Ready to receive?

EMAIL ME your A la Carte Request to be on your way to being
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