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If you have tried so many things to heal, fix, improve something in your life, only to have the same pattern manifest in a new way [even amid great strides and success]...

you have a clarity problem.

Don't worry, you are not unique in this way... anyone who was raised in an environment that valued external authority over the sovereign inner authority of the individual, has this same issue.

Let's be honest, that's most of us on this timeline.  If you're reading this, you may be one of the mavericks incarnated on the planet to restore the rightful legacy of humans as social sovereign creators.

For all you know about your patterns and your problems, something is eluding you. 

Actually, three things are eluding you:

1) The What, How and [indispensable] Why of the roots of your problematic pattern.

2) The unmistakeable feeling of your true alignment.

3) The precise action that would bridge the gap between the life you would like to change (even if it's honestly pretty great!), and the life you long for (because it is your soul's mission to live it out)

Though Clarity Journey, we help our clients sift the essential information from the superfluous information --which is kinda everything when you are making big decisions about your direction in life.

By the time most of our clients go through Clarity Journey, they have tried many approaches, hired many coaches, programs, degrees!, doctors etc... they tend to be people who believe in getting great support and are willing to do what it takes...

and yet they may be discouraged and wondering if something is wrong with them or life that this one thing keeps repeating.

Clarity Journey is the ultimate antidote to a problematic pattern that repeats, seemingly no matter what you do.

Clarity Journey is the pattern that reveals the precise information about your unique pattern and true frequency of alignment so that you can stop putting energy into things that loop you back into the same old thing in new outfits...


...and walk forward with UNSTOPPABLE CLARITY.

What is UNSTOPPABLE CLARITY?  It's getting an intuitive hit about something your soul is guiding you to create or become and knowing it's inevitable; knowing how to gracefully navigate that guidance in alignment with who you are.

It's grace incarnate to trust your body is the perfect vehicle for your soul purpose, and trust your soul is the wise leader of your trajectory.

The best part is that no one is "reading" you, or telling you what it is, through this process, with our witness, guidance and integrative support, you will hear yourself say it in a way that you will FEEL the truth of it.

I host Ceremony Reports & Integration labs where I share my transmissions from ceremony with and without plant medicine and my clients who have completed Clarity Journey share their results and experiences. 

If you are resonating and desiring this ultimate work in your life, we are open for enrollment.  Myself and my badass Clarity Journey apprentices will be offering 1:1 calls to support in the discernment process of if this is right for you. 

Just enter your email below to receive the deets to join these calls where you can get to know us and feel into if you would like to have a conversation with one of us about perhaps embarking on your own Clarity Journey.

If you're ready for a consultation, email me, or contact me on FB and we'll set it up.  The call is $250 and will come off of your Clarity Journey investment, should you go forward with the work.

In service to your sovereignty,

Saeri Wilde

ps. you can read more about the process itself on these two pages and blog post on this site:

Clarity Journey

Why Clarity Journey

Super Sovereign Soul Spy

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