A virtual campfire for fractal family to gather, connect, share & CREATE. Featuring monthly Wayshower events and a warm culture of belonging to integrate deep inner work with support

Hello, I'm Saeri Wilde, founder of THE CONTINUUM.

My journey over the last 12 years has required me to acquire way more support than I previously imagined I was worthy or able to acquire.  

As a result, I developed a nose for the best wayshowers and I cultivated the skills to relate my way into their care.

THE CONTINUUM is where I share them with you in a warm community of belonging.

Topics inside THE CONTINUUM include:

• Human Design • Kambo • Embodiment • Shamanism • •Elderhood • Collaborations • Rites-of-Passage •

•Space-holding • Soulful Business • Polarity

• Container Creation • Integration of Deep Work •


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