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Mountainous Region

A virtual campfire for fractal family
to gather, connect, share & CREATE. 

Hello, I'm Saeri Wilde,

founder of THE CONTINUUM.

In this great age of awakening, having spaces to connect with others for integration, witness, support & co-creation are more important than ever!

The Continuum is a generous membership field of mini-journeys, transmissions & community playdates from myself and attuned Wayshowers,


My desire is to provide you to have continuity of quality trustworthy connection & support you wherever you are in your unique journey. 

Being here isn't just another coaching container, or learning platform on the internet, IT'S A CALLING...


...a COSMIC RENDEZVOUS of souls ready to claim their role to assist the reclamation of WHO WE ARE.  Every One.

Feeling truth tingles?  I've curated this page to give you a sense of what we're about... and if you're one of those "know when you know" go ahead and scroll down to sign up.


Saeri Wilde


You had me at self-fulfilling spaceship of divine fulfillment...

We believe when everyone becomes authentically themselves, the world evolves into a self-fulfilling spaceship of divine fulfillment, and it starts with you... ​ 

yeah, YOU!🤩


Dates are subject to change, especially in months that have 5 Fridays

  • 1st Friday Live Zoom w/ Saeri: this could be a transmission, class, lab, support group or mini journey

  • 3rd Friday Community Playdate: an opportunity to connect with Saeri & other members and receive support on whatever you're navigating or ask questions about Human Design

  • Archive Access: enjoy a growing library of past events with Saeri and Innerglowing Wayshowers.  

  • Private Telegram Community: ongoing connection available with other members and clients.

  • Special Rate for 1:1 Human Design Guidance: $122/hr vs $155 for non members


We are at varying degrees of fulfillment of similar visions to live harmoniously and cooperatively with each other, the land, our food & natural cycles as sovereign social beings.

Wherever you are in your journey, this is a space where you can receive support for your unique role, shed residues of survival programming, hone your skills and connect with others on the path.


For those who are ready, there are leadership, collaboration opportunities and support to offer service within this network. Hey, maybe one day we'll gather in person and build a community together?! 


For now, this is a rendezvous point to create connection and receive support.


LIVE online from trusted Wayshowers (and in-aura w/ Human Design Humboldt!)

  • Transmissions

  • Mini-journeys

  • Classes

  • Replay Archives

  • Community playdates


Whether you just received your calling, or you have been answering it for many years, your presence is a gift to this community, and you are welcome here!


There are no participation obligations for this space


It's up to you to get your needs met from the range of what is provided.

I ask that you intend to be here for at least three months. 


If you find you are needing more co-regulation, recognition & support, you are always welcome to book an Encounter with Saeri to discuss a deeper container to meet your needs.


If you're interested in 1:1 work NOW, go ahead and book a free 30min Encounter HERE



  • You would like support in exploring your inner landscape

  • You cultivate authenticity and embrace transformation

  • You navigate life with integrity and meaningful connections


  • You'd rather keep it lite.

  • You are looking for a quick fix.

  • You are not going to meet online.

Upcoming Members-Only Events

Gain access to these offers when you sign up for $33/mo

EMBODIED CERTAINTY LAB 9/8 12-2pm PST: Teaching & hot-seat guidance to access and interpret your moment-to-moment certainty for smooth personal alignment & navigation,

WAVE TRACKERS SUPPORT GROUP; Oct-Nov-Dec:T his is for those with emotional authority, or anyone wanting support tracking cycles in their Human Design experiment (ie.Individual Melancholic-Creative cycles, Manifestor Initiation surges, defined ego & defined root on-off patterns) .  

ONLINE COMMUNITY PLAYDATES: These are once a month for members of THE CONTINUUM, and are an opportunity to ask questions about your Human Design chart and experiment.

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• Human Design • Kambo • Self Leadership •Embodiment • Internal Family Systems •Cultivating Creativity • Shamanism • Shadow-work •Light-work • Grid-work • Land Stewardship • Sustainable Regional Agriculture • Elderhood • Ceremony • Mysticism • Conscious Parenting • Plant Medicine •Breath-work • Yoga • Collaboration • Rites-of-Passage • Authentic Relating •Space-holding •Soulful Business • Sexual Polarity• Sensuality •Divine Union • Container Creation • Integration of Deep Work • & BEYOND!

Mountainous Region

  Woo hoo! Let's do this!   


Enrollment is closed for now, but join us for our monthly Community Playdates
Fridays 12-1pm PST Sept 22, Oct 20, Nov 17...


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