Trusting It...

Join Saeri Wilde in doable daily actions to gently and sustainably integrate a wild awareness into your every day life... to create more ease, enjoyment & expansion for yourself and those around you.

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It's exciting when the veil of conditioned reality is dropped and we get a peek at what's really going on! 

For most of us, what we become aware of can directly challenge everything we, and important others in our world, have known to be true.

When faced with the valid possibility of how sharing a "freaky" new awareness could destabilize our reality... it is tempting to burry it, ignore it, or keep it a secret.

The thing is that if you don't integrate your awareness as a gift, sooner or later it can turn your life upside down anyway.

Trusting It... is a place to safely and gently come out with your awareness and get support to integrate it in your life in ways that you don't have to directly challenge your established reality, and you also don't sit on it until it comes crashing into your world.

Yes, there may be big changes you are called to make or allow in your life that this awareness is seeding... but it is possible to prioritize grace and stability in your life to prepare for that growth, and get deeper support if needed when the time comes.

In this community you will experience:

  • Lightness and belonging around your awareness

  • Practical ways to develop it in your every day life

  • The knowing that you are not alone

  • Inspiration for how your awareness can serve you and others in beautiful ways

  • Trust and confidence in who you are, & what you sense, as a gift

  • See your awareness for the advantage & superpower that it is!

$1/day coaching to take your awareness that there is more to you, more to others & the universe than most people can believe... and ease it into a superpower w/out turning your life upside down.

What you receive for $1/day:​

  • Daily practical actions to recognize and integrate your [perhaps mystical or uncommon] awareness into your real life

  • Weekly group coaching calls with Saeri Wilde

  • Safe space to share what you see

  • Connections with others on a similar path

  • Group is hosted on Whatsapp

Billed monthly @ $30usd.

Cancel any time

You are welcomed to join

Trusting It...

Please let me know when you join or if you have any questions.


Saeri Wilde


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