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Trusting It...

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for Saeri Wilde's transmissions, teachings, min-journeys, creative experiments & art.

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Hey hey!  It's Saeri here 🌈


Thank you for checking this out! xoxo

I show up in this field monthly to serve and share what turns me on to allow as an oracle.  The more attention you invest in my field, the more you'll see what I share is made precisely for YOU.

As a member of Trusting It... you'll receive:

  • 1-2 live calls a month.

  • Access to my archives, including Human Design & clairvoyant classes I've taught in the last few years.

  • Streamed & recorded yoga classes & ceremonies

  • Whatever else I fancy! (like I'm super excited to give away a handmade dream catcher for every 10 new members!)

I reserve the right to give more or less as makes sense to my life and bandwidth.  December & January I tend to be in deep reflection and my output pauses.  There's no group chat or anything, but I do host Community Playdates where you can meet others in my field in REAL TIME 🤯 🥳

There are three levels of investment available, starting at $11/mo.  Call me crazy, but what I offer for each level is the SAME... though what you get out of it may vary depending on what you feel called to seed into my field.  

I'll leave it up to YOU 😘


click on the event to view the flier

Saturday 3/18 2-4pm PST Yoga Ceremony, Live-streamed from Crystalline Collective

Thursday 3/23 12pm PST, Resentment Purge Mini Journey 

Thursday 3/30 12pm PST, What Is Witness Ceremony? Zoom

Thursday 4/13 12pm PST, Community Playdate


If you are interested to sign up for 

Trusting It...

Choose your level of investment below and please book a 15min Playdate with me if you'd like that, I'd love to personally connect with you.


Saeri Wilde

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Best Value

Wonderful Weirdo



Every month

One of the highest compliments in our house

Valid until canceled

Trusting It... $11/mo patronage

Best Value

Dream Driver



Every month

YOU are the fuel behind the wheel of this spaceship 🌈🙏🏽🌈

Valid until canceled

Trusting It...

Best Value

Wondering Wizard



Every month

You bless us all with your curiosity & experimentation

Valid until canceled

Trusting It...


So you know: I kinda suck at inbox email; message with a willingness to follow up!

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