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Mountainous Region

 Feb '22 Wayshower Archive
White Wolf Purnananda

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Saeri's Recognition of White Wolf

White Wolf coming into my life was the kind of prayer answered that brought me into awareness that I had even been praying.

10 years after leaving a ceremonial community and mentors, I met Wolf by a rapid succession of synchronicities. He got on the phone with me right away.

I cross-examined him for what I had come to recognize as red-flags and good-omens in a shaman.  I found him to be solid, full-to-the-brim with integrity, knowledgable, experienced and

understanding of creating safe successful containers for deep work, supported by continuing integration.

I have embarked on a journey with Kambo to detoxify my system in preparation to one day again sit with Ayahuasca.  I also have been coaching 1:1 with him and have said YES to receiving his thorough regiment of energy work he calls The Rising Star.

It is such an honor to know White Wolf and share him with you. 

I trust him.  He is powerful, gentle, wise and fun!

More about White Wolf and his work can be found at

Mountainous Region


Ceremony of the Soul's Evolution
February 2022 ARCHIVE INCLUDED for members of THE CONTINUUM



White Wolf's been getting the message through his ceremony work that we are completing the era of reconciling with our ancestry, and transitioning rapidly into the time of embodying a new wayshower energy based upon anchoring our sovereign frequency.


This means that we recognize the impact of even our smallest decisions and actions contributing to how clearly we are radiating our highest frequency... and that whatever frequency we are radiating, is matching up with others to create a collective buzz and momentum, for chaos & closure or grace & opening. 


As a fractal family, we gather in this ceremony for GRACE & OPENING to our Soul's Evolution.


Everything is for our soul's evolution.  When we accept this as fact, we take responsibility to evolve in ways that are more and more resonant with our highest nature.


This ceremony is to officially complete the work we have done to be ready for a truly new way of being, both individually, and collectively... and then to receive guidance on the next and most aligned steps and ways on the path of our Soul's evolution.

We do this work on ourselves, together.


What to expect:

  • 90min zoom call

  • Opportunity to share your intention for the ceremony with Wolf

  • Wolf will channel a teaching on the Soul's Evolution

  • Guided Energy Medicine segment -to commune with the reality of Soul's Evolution, both individually, as a group and the collective

  • Integration time to share your experience, recognize next steps and ask Wolf questions


We recognize that those who watch the replay are also present with us in the ceremony, and we ask that if you will be attending LIVE, that you arrive 5minutes early, or on time so we can dive right into the ceremony without interruptions. 

Mountainous Region

Ceremony of the Soul's Evolution replay lives inside  
THE CONTINUUM where we share our Wayshower Archives, Integration labs & virtual Campfires in a warm culture of belonging.

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