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Why Clarity Journey?

The step to take before hiring anyone to help you

Things can move very quickly when people work with me.


Most of the time I am slowing people down because...


Things that are ready to crumble, start to crumble faster...


Gifts and miracles that have been waiting to manifest can start to crackle and pop! (and as much as we long for that, it can be mighty triggering)  


It is not uncommon for it all to be happening together at the same time. 

To create a change in your life on the level that you may be craving, your homeostasis will need to be disrupted. 


Maybe it already has been, I have a lot of people come to me in crisis.


There's a fire to walk through, and how you go through it determines whether you are resolving trauma, making space to develop your creative gifts, or just creating more trauma.

In my early years as a coach, I used to do quite a bit of free consultation with people before we committed to working together; but it became apparent to me that was not responsible, because... 

From one free call with me, people would be spinning in a lot of new awareness, excitement, sensation... at the core of it, their survival strategies would kick into high gear, consciously or unconsciously, and they would desperately scramble for solutions.


When one desperately scrambles for solutions, most of the what's really happening is just an exciting and tragic reinforcement of unconscious survival patterns and not-self conditioning.

THIS IS WHY Clarity Journey is the step to do before hiring any coach/teacher/mentor/healer (even contractor or employee!)... and why I now require it before I will work with anyone deeper.  

In a time when so many coaches/guides/healers/teachers are offering so much content and solutions, it's hard to not have been seduced into programs, trainings & 1:1 work that, for however great they may be, somehow you still find yourself looping on the same things.


With a world-wide vacancy of elders supporting the massive wave of those called to sacred service; it's a rare provider who hasn't earnestly and innocently contributed to the helping-profession dumpster-fire of our age, by promising results that couldn't possibly be promised to someone who is not clear on what they actually want and need from a place of their highest alignment.


The burn-out of trying-to-get-the-right-kind-of-support-for-what-you-sense-you-need is real and widespread. 


Quite innocently a great coach can awaken someone's transformational fires; without a stable container or preparation to succeed, this well-meaning and even skilled coach can contribute to deepening that person's hot mess and confusion.  

I developed Clarity Journey, with the help of my brilliant coaches, because I am not willing to contribute to deepening anyone's hot mess and confusion.

I happen to think that those trying to take advantage of these vulnerable indivduals are fewer than it may seem, but there are also those who are just seducing with pain-point marketing to peddle personal growth products that are akin to snake oil.

The fact is, that when most people come to me, they have lots of ideas about what their problem is, what would help them, what they need and don't need; they've done tons of work and probably acquired a lot of skills, information and tools...


...all along with a strong suspicion that they are a lost cause or cannot trust anyone.


This is paired with a longing for their truest embodied frequency throbbing ceaselessly in their body [perhaps as pain or disease], that refuses to be numbed/bypassed/released another fucking day!


Many come to me with conviction that they know what would help/heal/fix them... but still there is something that eludes them that, until it is seen and acknowledged:



And they know it.  And they want so badly to not know it and just barrel through another program... or quit altogether. 


"Can I just take this course and be done with it?


Maybe this course will be different. 


Maybe this group.


Maybe this coach.


If I could only make more money/have more support/ have more discipline.

NO. Because it's not out there.  It's inside.


You can't just fix and throw out what sucks about you and be left with only "good stuff";


The hurt parts, the shit-talking parts, the pissed-off parts, the shaking-in-their-shoes parts are where your gold is hiding... which is why they cannot be gotten rid of.

This is why I require a Clarity Journey with me before we start looking for solutions.


Some people, before harvesting the gold of their longing, really need to be officially, ceremonially HEARD & WITNESSED by a skilled listener & seer. 


For these people, I offer Clarity Journey 1:1 and, starting FALL 2021, community facilitation.

There are four questions that Clarity Journey is effectively designed to answer:

1) Do you really have work to do?

2) If you do, what is it?

3) Is this the time to embark on that work?

4) Who is best to help you?

Until these questions are answered, I will not do or recommend deeper work with anyone.  And it's all deeper. 


No true solutions or recommendations can be successfully made without the clarity on those four questions.  

Even if I were psychic enough (and I often AM haha!) to intuit the answers to these questions, without your revelation and consent, my sense of things is really worthless at best and a violation at worst.

It needs to come from YOU.  And I am very skilled at drawing it out of those who allow me to guide them in the process... so DON'T WORRY if you have no clue.  

Openness and willingness to discover your truth is all you need to have for a successful Clarity Journey.

I require Clarity Journey with me before getting into any kind of energy work or coaching, anything that would discover solutions, any project or creations I might support you in conceiving and birthing.

I'm simply not willing to guide people and play a part in them creating the same old shit. 


I am committed to both of our success, and we both need to know what's at play under your hood.

Clarity Journey is made up of three Ceremonies:

1) Witness Ceremony

2) Highest Axis Ceremony

3) Continuum Ceremony

Witness Ceremony reveals what you've been unconsciously committed to that has created your life as you know it

Highest Axis Ceremony reveals the frequency of your your highest-potential and the subsequent conscious commitment that would create the life you ache for. 


Harvest Ceremony facilitates digesting and integrating your new awareness to receive the GOLD of your clarity in the form of next steps to create from your conscious commitment to embody and unfold the continuum of your highest authentic frequency.



The gap between the unconscious commitment (from Witness) & the conscious commitment (from Highest Axis) points to the work that will heal you and get you on the trajectory of personal alignment that you recognize in Continuum Ceremony.

There are reliably tears, dumbstruck silences, reports of most fantastical dreams suddenly sounding "doable", unhinged laughter and newfound respect for body/mind/soul/essence/design during a Clarity Journey.  There's always a simple and profound clarity revealed for the courageous ones who show up and tell the truth with my trauma-informed intuitive guidance.

The container of support is clear, operating with agreements and consent, There is plenty of space created for integration of each piece you discover in the name of GRACE.

If we discover that it may be correct for us to continue working together, we can talk about what would best serve you: another ceremony, integrative coaching, or a custom project proposal. 


I will always be honest about what I think it will take to create what you are desiring by working with me, if it is something in my scope and if I desire to do that work with you. 

I never want to rush into working together. 

I also have a healthy network for referrals.


This work is a big energetic investment for both of us, and I am committed to only investing from a place of clarity and alignment.


Curiosity is key!  

When clients sign up for a project with me, I ask them to consent to potentially blaming me for all their unsavory experiences, as well as acknowledge that at some point they will likely want to quit and turn back... and there is no turning back. 


You can't unsee and undo the steps you take to your higher states of being.


At the front end it's easy to say "why would I want to go back on that?"...


...once IN IT, your perspective can quickly change and the wounded child in you will be reaching for its most practiced narrative to keep you safe. (This is the beauty of Witness ceremony, as it restores your ability to see what is actually going on and creates opportunity to navigate from your authentic guidance, rather than conditioned survival fear)


When you're in a fire, you either keep going to resolve your traumas and free you to create more as yourself...  or you create more trauma. 

Everyone has their own rate of unfoldment, often I see people rushing it.  My goal is to sync up with you, and usually the first step is to slow down and deepen into the foundational work that will provide the stability for you to uplevel your frequency and see the way life responds to the way you BE ( IMO that is EVERYTHING).

Welp! You made it this far.  Hooray!

In September I'll be offering Clarity Journey in a Hybrid 1:1 & Group container with some exquisite facilitators in training.

I'll also have a handful of 1:1 journeys available to enroll with me before I close private enrollment until next year.

If you are interested in either of these options,

let me know by email.

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