The First Step in Clarity Journey

We've created this first step as a self-guided video to share with you for no money

Discover the root of the problematic pattern

Your life is the result of your commitments, conscious and unconscious.

Unconscious commitments are the root of unfavorable patterns that show up over and over in your life, seemingly no matter what you do.

Witness Ceremony reveals the unconscious commitment & belief at the root, giving you access to awareness that can shift your life in the way that really matters for you. 

Don't go down another rabbit hole with an "expert's" blueprint or simple 4 step strategy to happiness or wealth or whatever!

Don't chase another teacher over a waterfall...

FIND OUT what's causing your relationships to crash and burn, or your money to trickle in, or why all your friends drain your energy, or why you attract liars or alcoholics even though you've done all the therapy... know a lot about why, but it's all mixed up with your survival strategies (which are not working for you any more).

If you go through this ceremony genuinely willing to know the root of whatever your pesky pattern is...


you will be astonished...


It will make(freaky-ass)sense...


we promise.

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When you register below, you will be emailed the replay of Witness Ceremony 2.0 & will receive news of upcoming ceremonies. 

Witness Ceremony is super deep, you may need additional support to fully integrate what you find. 


I offer 1month of support for those who do witness ceremony on their own, or you can get some community support when you join