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The First Step in Clarity Journey


Discover the root of your problematic pattern

Who Are We
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The one that's impervious to all heroic efforts at change, numbing, ignoring, pleasing...


…it's not going anywhere because IT IS the end of the line...

the last defender & protector

of the most precious part of you

that was in danger at some point in your early life.


It's also adaptable AF.

So if you try to get rid of it... it might play dead for a season only for it to burst back on the stage of your life in a new way you hadn't even considered it could.

The only cure is precise awareness of what it is and how it operates.


AWARENESS... and then a gentle integration of that awareness into your daily life.


Getting your sights on it is tricky bc it doesn't trust you to see it, since you'll probably try to get rid of it.


It can't have that...


"you NEED me" --it would say if it could talk.


It takes its job very, VERY SERIOUSLY.


With Witness Ceremony, I guide clients to see their problematic pattern

and integrate the awareness of it, without it spooking down

its hidey hole and invoking another 10years of winter.

What's unique about this process is that you will hear yourself say it, the language of your pattern will be in your language. There's no reading your pattern on you by your facilitator, or telling you what it is... with our guidance and reflection you will know without a doubt that it is true for you.


I've come to require clients to go through this process before we embark on a direction to create something together or taking a direction in coaching...


…because for all the amazingness we can create,


and it can be counted on to grab the wheel, gripped by DEVOTIONAL CRAZY the moment you get too close to the kind of progress you've always desired.


  1. The root of your problematic pattern that persists, seemingly no matter what you do.

  2. How you do it.

  3. The benefit of your pattern (Why you do it)


Through Witness Ceremony, you can FIND OUT what's causing your relationships to crash and burn, or your money to trickle in, or why all your friends drain your energy, or why you attract liars or alcoholics even though you've done all the therapy... know a lot about why, but it's all mixed up with your survival strategies, which worked initially, and now are getting in the way.


Or maybe your pattern is not so dire anymore, but you're hitting a glass ceiling when you go to expand to a new level...


...If you go through this ceremony genuinely willing to know the root of whatever your pesky pattern is...

you will be astonished...


It will make(freaky-ass)sense...


we promise.

Witness Ceremony & Integration Labs will be offered monthly for Spring & Summer 2023.  Sign up when you're ready!  The earlier you sign up, the more integration labs you'll have access to for the Witness Season.


There are 2-3 Integration Labs offered each month & the Ceremony itself is facilitated monthly by group or 1:1, depending on what you choose.

Informational Presentation

 One-to-one w/Saeri
Let's talk about your life when your pattern isn't running the show anymore.


3 Investment Options to go through your Witness Ceremony

  1. $1000 3 one-to-one calls with Saeri Wilde + 9 Group Integration Calls 

  2. $777    1 one-to-one call with Saeri Wilde + 9 Group Integration Calls 

  3. $555    9 Group Integration Calls

*Payment plans available on an individual basis and agreement with Saeri.  I recommend paying in full so you can relax into your journey and feel held when you hit some rough spots.  

Given the tender nature of what is being excavated in this journey, you will be agreeing to confidentiality in regards to the other members of the group.


The pattern is drawn from you telling the stories that epitomize your issue... you do not have to share anything with the group, but if you are extremely scared to share anything, I recommend you choose the investment options that include 1:1s with me, so you can be heard on the tenderest parts in private, and have support for how to get the most out of the group aspect. 

Overall, if it's accessible to you to go forward with your discomfort, it is worth it for the value of the witness you receive from the other people with you on their own journey.

I do offer completely private facilitation of Witness Ceremony for $2k (that's no group at all), let me know if you would like to go that route.

This is not a "program" or a course. This is a medicine journey to free up your creative JUICE.


I will be showing up to support you to identify your root pattern and then integrate that into your life... shaman-style.  That means we do what is required by the work within the parameters of the medicine container.  We have regular group calls on the calendar 3x/mo, and I reserve the right to make changes as it serves the work.


I have at least one apprentice who is training to facilitate Witness Ceremony, Nova Om, who will also be hosting one group integration call a month and will be available for 1:1 support at her discretion and availability. Nova is an excellent space holder and is skilled at tracking abstract patterns to yield greater consciousness.


There may be more apprentices, and if they facilitate anything in the group or 1:1 it is under my discretion, guidance and because I recognize them to be competent and excellent in those roles to provide supplemental support.  

In second session of Witness Ceremony in Summer, there will be opportunities for those who have gone through Witness Ceremony this Spring to be apprentices in the Summer round, or you may continue to receive integration support for your pattern.

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