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Wizard Cohort

Sometimes ya need some extra attention from someone who sees you...

Practical tailored support to make your next portal journey a success!

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Wizard Cohort  is for conscious catalysts who say YES and are READY to do the inner work that impacts their life, world and everyone in it.


Conscious catalysts are people who, when they shift, 


These folks understand that the direction of creation is inner to outer, and they are ready to become masters!

Wizard Cohort is focused on a CREATION.

It's also a mastermind, that when it feels ripe and ready, I'll gather the Wizards for a rendezvous to connect/collaborate/create together.

Before being in Wizard Cohort, or concurrently, you must journey through Witness Ceremony and discover the root of your problematic pattern.  I'm facilitating Witness Ceremony with Integration Labs all Spring and Summer, into the early Fall.  If you're interested to learn more you can read some stuff I wrote about it and book a playdate call with me to talk about it HERE.

To take in more of my work and get to know me, you're invited to Trusting It... my monthly membership starting at $11/mo.

And if you're just humming to connect, you don't have to read any more, you can just book a call with me ⭐️

I look forward to connecting with you! 

Warmly rooting for you, 

Saeri Wilde

Could Wizard Cohort with me
be a game changer for you? 

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